ITS E-Seminar with Sid Parameswaran

APR 28, 2020 | 2:00 PM TO 3:00 PM



The Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue


April 28, 2020: 2:00 PM-3:00 PM




Initiative for the Theoretical Sciences


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Symmetry and topology of quasiparticles and their bound states in correlated insulators

Abstract: In this talk, I explore two examples of how the symmetry of a microscopic lattice or topoogy of an underlying non-interacting band structure can be imprinted in the excitations of strongly-correlated insulators. First, I show that previously-unnoticed crystal symmetry constraints drastically alter the understanding of Ising quantum criticality in the quasi-1D magnetic insulator CoNb2O6, resolving decade-old puzzles related to the dispersion of confined `kinks’ in the ordered phase and the decay of spin-flip quasiparticles in the paramagnetic phase [1]. Turning next to the correlated quantum anomalous Hall insulator recently observed in twisted bilayer graphene near the magic angle, I show that this state supports stable, weakly-dispersing flat bands of neutral bosonic excitons with substantial Berry curvature [2], and  argue that these can under certain conditions form a new hierarchy of bosonic  fractional quantum Hall liquids [3].

[1] M. Fava, R. Coldea, and S.A. Parameswaran, arXiv:2004.04169 (2020).
[2] Y.H. Kwan, Y. Hu, S.H. Simon, and S.A. Parameswaran, arXiv:2003.11560 (2020). 
[3] Y.H. Kwan, Y. Hu, S.H. Simon, and S.A. Parameswaran, arXiv:2003.11559 (2020).