Big universe, big data: Emerging challenges in astrophysics

JUN 25, 2020 | 11:00 AM



The Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue


June 25, 2020: 11:00 AM




Initiative for the Theoretical Sciences


Adventures in the Theoretical Sciences is a six-week online series of live lecture+discussion in June and July 2020. 

Six lecturers will present four hours of lecture and discussion each, touching a wide range of topics. Our goal is introduce students to the excitement of our fields, and to encourage thinking about theory as a unifying activity. We expect students to have solid backgrounds in statistical physics and quantum mechanics; more specialized topics will be introduced as needed. Our target audience overlaps advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students in the US, and MSc students abroad. 

Lectures will be 11 AM to 1 PM (EDT) on Thursdays and Fridays in June and July 2020. 

For complete information and registration, visit the Initiative for the Theoretical Sciences at .