Being and Becoming

OCT 14, 2020 | 6:30 PM TO 8:30 PM



October 14, 2020: 6:30 PM-8:30 PM




Ph.D. Program in Urban Education



A virtual exhibition & conversation with Dr. AnaMaria Correa

“After spending many hours at my desk on the computer birthing this dissertation, I knew intuitively that because of the nature of the arts practice within it, there was an opportunity to represent the work differently, embody and share it in a performative dialogue with whomever engaged with it…”

Undergirded by the theoretical framework of Critical Race Feminist Theory which invites a centering of the narratives of Black and Brown women in ways that are intersectional and transdisciplinary, I seek to claim space, to center, move from and reject the whiteness of the paper it currently lives in and let it stand, power-filled within a sacred space to be taken in. As the work is a platform of the life stories and narratives of experience of Black and Brown Women in Educational Spaces Organized in Whiteness it feels important for our illustrative-experiences to be experienced beyond the turning of pages or intellectual exercise of big words. I dreamt of a dissertation that moves from the page to big walls, with sound, and images that enveloped the attendee. An activist reimagining that breaks from from white paper static page to an interactive space of experience into the space where it is meant to be: an inclusive modality that erases borders, geographies, territories of access, cumbersome pages of academic text into an iteration that distills the spirit and purpose of this work -- to envelop and interact with the senses and to have a discourse with your heart, mind and spirit.