New Data Visualization Tool for New York City

SEP 01, 2021 | 1:00 PM



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September 01, 2021: 1:00 PM




As we all know New York has grown increasingly diverse in recent decades. The complexities of the characteristics of its population have grown and compounded producing what Steven Vertovec has described as ‘superdiversity’. This complexity poses considerable challenges for research, teaching, public understanding and policymaking. We are hoping that this interactive data visualization tool will help users to grasp emerging patterns in new and different ways.

Initially developed by Professor Vertovec, director of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious Diversity (Göttingen, Germany) and Dan Hiebert, Professor of Geography at the University of British Columbia, this toolset has already been put to use in a number of international cities including Sydney, Auckland, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Now, in cooperation with Steve and Dan, we are in the final stages of adding a New York web site. We are also hoping that we may eventually be able to add other US cities as well. You can see and test drive the New York visualization site here

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