Outside-In: Political Strategies In the Face of Exclusion

NOV 17, 2021 | 12:00 PM TO 1:30 PM



Online Event


November 17, 2021: 12:00 PM-1:30 PM




Society and Protest Workshop



What are the strategic implications of mobilizing stigmatized groups and groups with only partial status in a polity? What options are available to people whose very participation in public life is contested? Join us to discuss reports on two pieces of research—one on DACA and “semi-citizenship” and one on mental health movements in post-Soviet societies—to explore these critical questions.


  • Andrés Besserer Rayas is a PhD student in political science at CUNY’s Graduate Center where he researches issues of immigrant exclusion and has published and presented on citizenship and exclusionary policies towards undocumented immigrants. He is the recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship. Before starting his PhD studies, Andrés studied a master’s degree in Democracy and Comparative Politics at UCL and worked in electoral organization in Mexico. He is a teaching fellow at City College where he has taught courses in comparative politics and on immigration.
  • Eglė Šumskienė is a social worker, sociologist, and expert on disability, mental health, and human rights issues. She completed her Ph.D. on the topic “From traditional to modern care: the case of persons with psychosocial disabilities”. Since 2002, Eglė works for Vilnius University Social Work and Social welfare department as a lecturer, in 2012 she took the position of associated professor. Eglė is actively working with the Lithuanian NGO sector, focusing on mental health and human rights. During this period as an expert, she was involved in various international and national projects focusing on such areas as human rights and disability, employment, discrimination, mental health care, policy, social integration of people with psychosocial disabilities. Eglė Šumskienė is editor of one monograph and author of over 30 scientific publications covering issues of human rights and mental health.


  • Rebecca Krisel is a PhD candidate in political science at the CUNY Graduate. Her research is focused on how social movements formed around taboo issues use digital communication tools to influence the policy process.


  • John Krinsky, City University of New York

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