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A timely series to help navigate this era of political change, featuring experts from the Graduate Center and beyond.
(Feb 21 - May 4, 2017)



FEB 21 - Economic Policy
Moderated by Kathleen Hays, feat. Paul Krugman, Jason Furman, James Pethokoukis, and Dan Alpert

FEB 23 - Activists of the Past: What Have We Learned?
Larry Kramer in Conversation with Charles Blow

MAR 6 - Immigration in Trump’s America
Moderated by Brian Lehrer, feat. Nancy Foner, Douglas S. Massey, and T. Alexander Aleinikoff

MAR 20 - Activists of the Past: The Civil Rights Movement
Moderated by Carol Jenkins, feat. Ruby Sales, Rev. Herbert Daughtry, and Clarence Taylor

APR 3 - The Fragile Social Safety Net
Moderated by Felicia Wong, feat. Mary T. Basset, Sheldon Danziger, Janet Gornick, and Michael R. Strain

APR 17 – Truth & Power in the Trump Era
Moderated by John Torpey, feat. Masha Gessen, Alexander Stille, and Jim Reutenberg

APR 26 - Trade, Jobs, and Inequality
Moderated by Eduardo Porter, feat. David Autor, Ann Harrison, Brad DeLong, and Paul Krugman

MAY 4 - Looking Back & Ahead
Moderated by Peter Beinart, feat. Jelani Cobb and Jennifer Rubin