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365 Fifth

The Monthly Newsletter of the Graduate Center – August 2013, Issue No. 1

Chase Robinson


A Message from the President

For the 5,000 years or so that humans have been reading and writing, they have been inventing and adapting technologies—pressing reeds into clay tablets, applying ink to parchment and papyrus, knotting ropes (the Incas), mechanizing printing. Significant changes in technology (say, the eclipse of the scroll by the codex in late antiquity, or the printing press in the fifteenth century) have been pushed and pulled by new ideas, attitudes, and practices, often generating anxieties and controversies. Things aren't so different nowadays, although the speed of change and sheer number of competing technologies are unprecedented. For its part, the Graduate Center, too, is pushing and pulling, most notably by pursuing a range of digital initiatives that improve teaching and research. With this inaugural issue, 365 Fifth can be said to symbolize the deeper changes at work in our classrooms, labs, and library. It becomes the dynamic medium that is our message.

Featured Video


GC Immigration Scholars
Professors Sujatha Fernandes (Sociology), Nancy Foner (Sociology), John Mollenkopf (Political Science and Sociology), Philip Kasinitz (Sociology), and Richard Alba (Sociology) discuss immigration reform.
Faculty Joining the GC
Vijay Balasubramanium


Vijay Balasubramanian (Physics)
Vijay Balasubramanian, currently Cathy and Marc Lasry Professor at the University of Pennsylvania and a member of the Penn Neuroscience Program, will be joining the Graduate Center as Presidential Professor of Physics. Balasubramanian has made significant contributions to a remarkably broad range of theoretical questions, from string theory to neuroscience.


Andrea Cavagna and Irene Giardina (Biology and Physics)
Andrea Cavagna and Irene Giardina, a husband and wife research team, will be in residence at the Graduate Center for the 2013–14 academic year as visiting professors. They both serve on the physics faculty at Sapienza University, Rome, and are members of the Institute for Complex Systems, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (National Research Council), Rome. In early work they obtained, individually and in collaboration, profound results about the structure of the "landscape" in which atoms are moving as they make the transition between liquid and glass.


Fernando Degiovanni (Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages)
Fernando Degiovanni, a distinguished scholar of modern and contemporary Latin American culture, has been appointed associate professor of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian literatures and languages at the Graduate Center, effective Fall 2013. Degiovanni's research focuses on issues of nationalism and transnationalism, cultural hegemony, and the production of disciplinary knowledge on Latin American literature throughout the twentieth century.
Jeremy Kahn


Jeremy Kahn (Mathematics)
Jeremy Kahn, who has made a name for himself for his elegant and original solutions to several deep and long-standing problems, will join the Ph.D. Program in Mathematics as a distinguished professor, effective Fall 2013. One of Kahn's fields is hyperbolic geometry, the whole idea of which, he said, "is that the parallel lines do not maintain a constant distance as they do in Euclidean geometry. The lines remain straight, but the space where the lines are is curved."


Megan Vaughan (History)
Megan Vaughan has been appointed distinguished professor of history at the Graduate Center, effective Fall 2013. A fellow of both the British Academy and the Royal Historical Society, she is a scholar of outstanding accomplishment and vision, one of the most productive and innovative historians of Africa and comparative colonialism.
Faculty Appointments


Joshua Freeman (History)
On June 24, the CUNY Board of Trustees named Joshua B. Freeman a distinguished professor of history. Freeman, who serves on the history doctoral faculty, has taught at Queens College and the Graduate Center since 1997 and was executive officer of the Ph.D. Program in History from 2003 to 2009.


Daniel M. Greenberger (Physics)
Daniel M. Greenberger, Mark W. Zemansky Professor of Physics at City College and a member of the doctoral faculty in physics, is internationally renowned for his research, lectures, and writings in the field. He is currently working on fundamental problems in quantum theory and entangled states in quantum mechanics, which may prove to have relevance to biology and chemistry and may shed light on some deep questions involving the nature of time in relativity theory. The CUNY Board of Trustees appointed him as a distinguished professor of physics on June 24.


Yunping Jiang (Mathematics)
Yunping Jiang, a member of the doctoral faculty in mathematics based at Queens College and internationally known, has been appointed distinguished professor of mathematics, effective Fall 2013. He has been working in one-dimensional dynamical systems, complex dynamical systems, thermodynamical formalism, quasiconformal mapping theory, and the Teichmuller theory.


David Olan (Music)
Interim Provost Louise Lennihan has announced the appointment of Professor David Olan as the Graduate Center's acting associate provost and dean for the humanities and social sciences, effective July 1, 2013.

New Executive Officers as of July 1, 2013
Professor John P. Preece (Audiology); Distinguished Professor Robert Haralick (Computer Science); Associate Professor Deborah Koetzle (Criminal Justice); Associate Professor Alpana Bhattacharya (Educational Psychology); Professor Linda Keen (Mathematics); Professor Donna Nickitas (Nursing Ph.D./DNS); Professor Jeffrey Rothman (Physical Therapy); and Professor Denis Nash (Public Health).
GC Community Highlights


GC Alumna Named ACLS Public Fellow
The American Council of Learned Societies, which is made possible by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, named Lindsay Green-Barber an ACLS Public Fellow for 2013. Green-Barber (Political Science, Ph.D., 2012) was appointed as a media impact analyst for the Center for Investigative Reporting.


The Barbuda Research Complex
Barbuda students research freshwater wells in this island habitat. The Barbuda Research Complex was originally established in January 2011. Its multidisciplinary research team is led by Dr. Sophia Perdikaris, a zooarchaeologist, who specializes in paleofisheries and is the director of the Graduate Center's Human Ecodynamics Research Center.


Kay Deaux Awarded SPSP Service Award
The Society for Personality and Social Psychology is pleased to recognize Distinguished Professor Emerita Kay Deaux (Psychology) with the 2013 Service on Behalf of Personality and Social Psychology Award. Deaux has been an intellectual and professional leader in the field throughout her career. Her pioneering work on gender, on identity, and on immigrants and immigration reflect her deep social consciousness as well as her creative and insightful scholarly perspective.
Press Coverage


Infographic: Using 2 Million Instagram Pics to Map a City's Visual Signature
Phototrails, a collaborative research project between the Graduate Center, CUNY, the University of Pittsburgh, and the California Institute for Telecommunication and Information, is using patterns of Instagram photos to create "visual signatures" of cities. The goal of Phototrails is not to solve "'practical' problems (such as better image search), but to explore this new visual universe of social photography," says Lev Manovich, a professor of computer science at the Graduate Center.


The Meaning of ‘Race’
In a recent letter to the New York Times, Jessie Daniels (Psychology, Sociology, and Public Health) discusses the "harm of white racism." Daniels currently serves as a co-principal investigator of JustPublics@365, a joint initiative between the Graduate Center and the Ford Foundation.
Draft Riots


Seeing the New York Draft Riots

"From July 13 to 16, 1863, only 10 days after the end of the battle of Gettysburg, New York City was paralyzed by the largest civil insurrection in United States history," says Professor Joshua Brown (History), who serves as executive director of the American Social History Project, in the New York Times.

Brown's article features an interactive slideshow of riot pictures that were published by pictorial papers of the era.

Faculty Books
One Out of Three
This absorbing anthology, edited by Professor Nancy Foner (Sociology), features in-depth portraits of diverse ethnic populations, revealing the surprising new realities of immigrant life in twenty-first century New York City.


Income Inequality
This state-of-the-art volume, edited by Professor Janet Gornick (Political Science and Sociology), presents comparative, empirical research on a topic that has long preoccupied scholars, politicians, and everyday citizens: economic inequality.


Software Takes Command
Software, according to the new book by Professor Lev Manovich (Computer Science), has replaced a diverse array of physical, mechanical, and electronic technologies used before the twenty-first century to create, store, distribute, and interact with cultural artifacts.
In Memoriam
Professor Norma Rees (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Professor Giuseppe Carlo Di Scipio (Comparative Literature and French), and doctoral student Conrad Wynter (Developmental Psychology).

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