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The Graduate Center's 50th Commencement
Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall was the site of the 50th annual commencement ceremony for the Graduate Center on June 3, where 466 doctoral and 68 master's degrees were awarded.

James B. Milliken, newly appointed chancellor of the City of the University of New York, addressed the graduates, and having touched on their academic pursuits, noted: "We chose CUNY."

Distinguished Professor Uday Singh Mehta (Political Science) delivered the commencement address, declaring: "We at the City University of New York and the Graduate Center are the proud bearers of a tradition that celebrates the pursuit of knowledge as something whose principal requirements are hard work, a commitment to honesty and a reliance on the imagination."

Speaking on behalf of the class of 2014, Suzanne Tamang, Ph.D. in computer science, praised the Graduate Center and CUNY for maintaining that "education is a human right." Following the presentation of master's and doctoral degrees, Interim President Chase F. Robinson closed the ceremony, saying: "There are no ivory towers to ascend; but there are bridges to be built between research, teaching, and social change, and I urge you to cross them."

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An Ideal Theater for an Ideal City
In "An Ideal Theater for an Ideal City," Todd London was joined by Oskar Eustis (The Public Theater), Kristin Marting (HERE Arts Center), Rosalba Rolon (Pregones), Mia Yoo (La MaMa), and Jonathan McCrory (The Movement Theatre Company). This event was sponsored by the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center.
Upcoming Events


Gross Indecency: Sexual Phobia and the Trials of Oscar Wilde
On June 9, join Richard A. Kaye, associate professor of English at Hunter College and the Graduate Center, and James Melo, ERC's musicologist and senior editor at RILM, for a seminar on Oscar Wilde's multifaceted personality. This event explores Wilde's artistic persona within the context of Victorian sexuality and the sexual phobias of the time.


What's Best for Us? Cass Sunstein & Peter Beinart Discuss Government & Paternalism
Cass Sunstein speaks with Peter Beinart on the new form of paternalism in government, one that protects citizens against serious errors or damage but also recognizes the risk of overreaching and restricting freedom of choice. This event will be sponsored by Public Programs on June 16.
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The Science of Inequality, What the Numbers Tell Us
Branko Milanovic, senior scholar at the Graduate Center's Luxembourg Income Study (LIS), and Janet Gornick, director of LIS and professor of political science and sociology at the GC, were featured in Science Magazine for their research on Gini data—the measurement of the distribution of income expenditure among individuals or households within an economy that deviates from a perfectly equal distribution—collected from 2008 to 2012, which covers 117 countries.


Asian American Heritage Week 2014: Flushing's Diverse Chinese Culture Attracts New Immigrants
In NY1, Steven Romalewski from the Center for Urban Research at the Graduate Center suggests that the map seen at left illustrates the growth in and around Flushing, starting in 1970, when the population was negligible, to 2010.


The Republican War on Workers' Rights
Corey Robin, professor of political science at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, writes in the New York Times: "Midterm elections are like fancy software: Experts love them, end-users couldn't care less. But if the 2010 elections are any indication, we might not want to doze off as we head into the summer months before November."


New York City's Working Fathers Get 'Daddy Bonus': Study
A new study featured in the Wall Street Journal by the Center for Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies at the Graduate Center found that men with children earned higher incomes than any other population group in New York City between 1990 and 2010. "It's sometimes called the 'Daddy premium,'" said the report's author, Justine Calcagno, a social psychologist and Ph.D. candidate at the GC.


The New Face of Teacher Unionism in New York City and Beyond
An opinion editorial in the Hechinger Report, written by David C. Bloomfield, a professor of urban education at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, addresses how unionism is "on the run" in the twenty-first century, the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), and Albert Shanker, former president of the UFT from 1964 to 1997.


Mapping a New Economy
Distinguished Professor David Harvey (History) "would implore you to imagine life without capitalism—that is, if you can…in Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism (Oxford University Press), Harvey examines what he sees as the untenable elements of capital, and he analyzes how they can produce an unequal, destructive, crisis-prone system. The book represents a distillation of Harvey's 40-year study of Karl Marx, and in its own way a bid to change the conversation about what's not working and what's possible," says Scott Carlson in the Chronicle of Higher Education.


Coverage of Raising Expectations (And Raising Hell)
Jane McAlevey's book Raising Expectations (And Raising Hell) is "part memoir, part organizing manual, and part rejoinder to that fatalism," writes Sam Gindin in Jacobin Magazine. McAlevey is an organizer in the student, environmental, and labor movements. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Graduate Center.
GC Community News  


Robert Smith Publishes Research on "Black Mexicans"
Professor Robert C. Smith (Baruch, Sociology) published new research exploring "Black Mexicans" and the use of racial categories. Smith's article draws on more than 15 years of research to analyze "Black Mexicans," phenotypically "Mexican-looking" youth who identified as Black during adolescence.


English Student Wins Mellon-CES Dissertation Fellowship
Colleen Cusick, a doctoral candidate in English, has been awarded a Mellon–Council for European Studies Dissertation Completion Fellowship for the 2014–15 academic year. Cusick will receive a stipend of $25,000 for her dissertation, "Playing With Matches: Marital Manipulation and the Courtship Plot in the Long Nineteenth Century."


Why 'Education Reform' Sends Educators Running
Cathy Davidson, who will join the Graduate Center faculty in July 2014, discusses education reform from K–12 to higher education, the model that is needed to include educators in the redesign at the university and college level, and her role at the Graduate Center as founder and director of the Futures Initiative.


Art History Professor Wins NEA Prize
The American Academy in Rome has awarded John V. Maciuika (Assoc. Prof., Baruch, Art History) the National Endowment for the Arts Rome Prize in the category of Historic Preservation and Conservation. The award will support his work on "The Eternal Palace: Transformations and Reconstructions of the Berlin 'Stadtschloss,' 1450–2020."
Faculty and Alumni Books
The Double Life of Paul  de Man
Evelyn Barish traces the origins of the philosophical deconstructionism that Paul de Man later created with Jacques Derrida, showing how de Man attracted followers with his attack on the hypocrisy of society that attempts to cover up the "essential alienation" of art from "the system." Barish is professor emerita of English at the Graduate Center and the College of Staten Island.


La Société de l'indécence
Distinguished Professor Stuart Ewen's book Captains of Consciousness: Advertising and the Social Roots of the Consumer Culture, which was first published in France in 1983 as Consciences sous influence - Publicité et genèse de la société de consummation, has been published in a new edition titled La Société de l'indécence. Ewen, a professor at Hunter College, also serves on the doctoral faculty in history and sociology at the Graduate Center.


Diverse Early Childhood Education
This book explores issues in early childhood education and teacher preparation in five Asian countries: India, Singapore, China, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives. Amita Gupta highlights the diverse classroom pedagogies at work in these twenty-first-century Asian classrooms, reflecting influences that are simultaneously indigenous and colonial, local and global. Gupta (Assoc. Prof., City) serves on the doctoral faculty in urban education.
Cyclical Psychodynamics and the Contextual Self: The Inner World, the Intimate World, and the World of Culture and Society
In Cyclical Psychodynamics and the Contextual Self, Paul L. Wachtel extends his integration of psychoanalytic, cognitive-behavioral, systemic, and experiential viewpoints to examine closely the nature of the inner world of subjectivity, and its relation to the transactional world of daily life experiences. Wachtel (Dist. Prof., City) serves on the doctoral faculty in psychology.


Sociology Looks at the Arts
Alumna Julia Rothenberg (Sociology, 2006) published Sociology Looks at the Arts, which provides a foundation for teaching and discussing a range of questions and perspectives used by sociologists who study the relationship between the arts and society, in Routledge's Contemporary Sociological Perspectives series. Rothenberg is an assistant professor of sociology at Queensborough Community College.


Tell Tchaikovsky the News: Rock n' Roll, the Labor Question, and the Musicians' Union, 1942–1968
Alumnus Michael James Roberts (Sociology, 2005) published Tell Tchaikovsky the News: Rock 'n' Roll, the Labor Question, and the Musicians' Union, 1942–1968, an exploration of why the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) refused to recognize the legitimacy of rock 'n' roll. Roberts is an associate professor of sociology at San Diego State University.

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