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Elizabeth Warren and Paul Krugman in Conversation
How do the struggles facing the American middle class affect our society and how will they affect our future? Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Paul Krugman, two of the leading thinkers on inequality, discuss public policy, economics, and the middle class.
Upcoming Events


ARC Seminar: Ismael García Colón on Puerto Rican Migrant Farm Labor in the US
Ismael García Colón, who will serve as guest speaker, is an associate professor of anthropology at the College of Staten Island, CUNY. "Puerto Rican Migrant Farm Labor in the US" will be held at the Graduate Center on October 2.


The Great Escape: Health, Wealth, and Inequality
The health and wealth of nations go hand in hand. Over the past 250 years, affluent societies have made huge leaps forward in eradicating disease and increasing life spans, opening up enormous inequalities between rich and poor countries in both health and income. On October 15, Angus Deaton, a leading expert in economic development and professor at Princeton University, will discuss with panelists the issues raised in his book The Great Escape. This event is cosponsored by LIS.
GC Community News  


GC Professor Wins 2014 Balzan Prize
Distinguished Professor Dennis Sullivan, who holds the Albert Einstein Chair in Science (Mathematics), has been awarded the 2014 Balzan Prize. Half of the prestigious $800,000 award will finance research projects by young scholars and scientists.


Richard G. Schwartz Selected to Receive ASHA Honors
Presidential Professor Richard G. Schwartz has been named a recipient of the Honors of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), the organization's highest award and the most prestigious in his field.


Psychology Alumna Honored by South African Government
Puleng Segalo (Psychology, 2013) was recently named one of South Africa's top scientists for her work with female survivors of apartheid. "[The award] means the work that I do is important, that it matters," she said in a video interview with SABC News.


GC Student Unveils Project: "Languages Above the Subways"
Michelle Johnson, a doctoral student in the Ph.D. Program in Linguistics and Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Certificate Program, unveiled her independent study project, "Languages Above the Subways." The result is an engaging infographic detailing which languages are spoken in the areas above the New York City subway system.
Press Coverage Highlights  


Public Space Meets Cyberspace
"Many social scientists predicted that, with the Internet, public spaces would stop being used. Instead, we are finding that the Internet (and especially Twitter and Facebook, which allow for rapid communication) can produce very large audiences involved and concerned about an issue, and they are showing up in public spaces," says Setha Low, professor of anthropology at the Graduate Center.


How Did New York Become the Most Unionized State in the Country
According to a study conducted by Professor Ruth Milkman (Sociology) and Stephanie Luce of the Graduate Center, New York remains the most union-dense state in the country.


Center for Digital Scholarship and Data Visualization Comes to the Graduate Center
At the Graduate Center, CUNY, a new center for digital scholarship and data visualization will be the hub for work on data sets from cultural institutions.
Featured Faculty Books
The Book of Eggs: A Life-Size Guide to the Eggs of Six Hundred of the World's Bird Species
This striking book by Mark E. Hauber introduces readers to six hundred intriguing eggs, from the pea-sized progeny of the smallest of hummingbirds to the eggs of the largest living bird, the ostrich, which can weigh up to five pounds. Hauber (Prof., Hunter) serves on the GC doctoral faculty in biology and psychology.


The Orphan Scandal
Beth Baron's timely book examines not only the passionate efforts of American and European missionaries, but also how the evangelicals' tools were appropriated by Islamists—creating a new network of social welfare services. Beth Baron (Prof., City College) is director of the Middle East and Middle Eastern American Center and of the Middle Eastern Studies Program at the Graduate Center.


Pragmatism and American Experience: An Introduction
This volume provides a lucid and elegant introduction to America's defining philosophy. GC Distinguished Professor Joan Richardson charts the nineteenth-century origins of pragmatist thought and its development through the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, focusing on the major first-and second-generation figures and how their contributions continue to influence philosophical discourse today.
In Memoriam
Herb Berman served as Special Assistant to the President, focusing on government relations.

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