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Featured Story            
The GC’s Janet Gornick, Paul Krugman, and Branko Milanovic recently appeared on Bloomberg Radio to discuss topics ranging from inequality to the economics of health care.

Upcoming Events  

From Blackboard to Bedside: The Math Behind Life-Saving HIV Drugs
Tuesday, 11/17
Alan Perelson discusses how math transformed HIV — and now holds promise for a cure.


What We Bring: Immigration & the Arts
Tuesday, 11/24
Musicians and historians celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Immigration Reform Act.

What the Eye Hears: A History of Tap Dancing
Monday, 11/23
New York Times dance critic Brian Seibert examines tap’s complex origins and theatricalization.
Community News  


Cathy Spatz Widom Awarded 2016 Stockholm Prize in Criminology
Distinguished Professor Widom (GC/John Jay, Psychology) has received the highest honor in criminology.


GC Awarded $3.15M Mellon Foundation Grant for Humanities Teaching and Learning
The award helps create a major humanities initiative to enhance pedagogical training for Ph.D. students.


Q&A: Why the Mellon Grant Matters
Professors Cathy Davidson and David Olan talk about the project’s ramifications for the GC, the humanities, and higher education.


GC Study: Increase in U.S. College Degrees Across Race, Ethnicity, and Sex
The percentage of the U.S. population with a B.A. degree or higher increased by 40 percent between 1990 and 2010, according to the Center for Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies.


‘What I Discovered from Interviewing Imprisoned ISIS Fighters’
Lydia Wilson, a Senior Fellow at the GC’s Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies, recounts her experience in a vivid essay for The Nation.


Classics Ph.D. Students Draw National Attention
Fifteen of the program’s 20 eligible students were recently recognized by peer-reviewed journals, at conferences, or in fellowship competitions.
Alumna/us Spotlight  

Luana Y. Ferreira Named 2015-17 Empire State Fellow
Ferreira (Ph.D. 2014, Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages) is one of 10 professionals recently selected by Governor Andrew Cuomo as “the next generation of New York State policymakers.”
Press Coverage Highlights  

Can Government Function Without Privacy?
In a prominent essay for The Atlantic, Ph.D. student Lawrence Cappello (History) describes why the release of Hillary Clinton’s emails signals a “clear historical break.”


It’s Official: The 1% Owns Half the World’s Wealth
Senior Scholar Branko Milanovic, a leading researcher on income inequality at the GC’s Luxembourg Income Study Center, was featured in a “Marketplace” news segment on the increasing concentration of the world’s wealth.

$3-Million Grant Puts Ph.D. Candidates in 2-Year-College Classrooms
The Chronicle of Higher Education profiles “the first program that places graduate fellows into community-college classrooms as the primary instructors.”
Featured Faculty/Alumni Books
Protest: A Cultural Introduction to Social Movements
What effects do protests ultimately have on our world? Drawing on a broad range of examples, from the Women's Movement to Occupy and the Arab Spring, Professor James Jasper (Sociology) underscores the need to appreciate fully protestors’ points of view — in other words, their cultural meanings and feelings — as well as those held by the police, media, politicians, intellectuals, and other players.


Skin for Skin: Death and Life for Inuit and Innu
Since the 1960s, the Native peoples of northeastern Canada, both Inuit and Innu, have experienced epidemics of substance abuse, domestic violence, and youth suicide. Seeking to understand these transformations in the capacities of Native communities to resist cultural, economic, and political domination, Professor Emeritus Gerald M. Sider (Anthropology) offers an ethnographic analysis of aboriginal Canadians’ changing experiences of historical violence.


This Year's Model: Fashion, Media, and the Making of Glamour
Associate Professor Elizabeth Wissinger (GC/BMCC, M.A. in Liberal Studies) blends in-depth interviews and research at model castings, photo shoots, and runway shows to spotlight the life of the model throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. Once an ad hoc occupation, the “model life” now involves a great deal of physical and virtual management of the body, or what Wissinger terms “glamour labor.”

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