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CUNY graduates Paul Fess and Krystyna Michael and their 2-year-old son
How They Got Tenure-Track Gigs
Alumna Krystyna Michael (Ph.D. ’19, Comparative Literature) is back at CUNY as a tenure-track professor — and so is her husband.
News from the GC
Judge wearing black robe and holding gavel
What Race Means to Clarence Thomas
A new book by Professor Corey Robin brings insights about the justice’s views on race that have implications for SCOTUS and beyond.
The Advanced Science Research Center of the City University of New York in Harlem
Making Harlem a Science Hotspot
Annette “Nina” C. Gray, executive director, explains what the Advanced Science Research Center has accomplished in five years and what's ahead.
Holocaust refugee children in Iran
Tehran's Untold Holocaust Story
Professor Mikhal Dekel uncovers the story of her father and hundreds of Polish-Jewish children who survived a 13,000-mile trek to safety in the Middle East.
Leah Persaud in her biology lab
How She found a coveted STEM job
Alumna Leah Persaud (Ph.D. '19, Biology) shares her tips for finding a desirable STEM job outside of academia.
New to the GC: M.S. Program in Nanoscience
A scientist holds up a slide in a nanoscience lab

A new M.S. Program in Nanoscience is designed to prepare students for jobs in fields such as energy, biomedicine, and electronics.

“Nanoscience is one of the fastest growing areas of research, in part because of its interdisciplinary nature and ability to address a broad spectrum of areas and needs, from technology to health to the environment,” said Joshua Brumberg, dean for the sciences.

Just Published
Book cover - CONSCRIPTS of Migration
Conscripts of Migration
Christopher Ian Foster
(Ph.D. '15, English)
Book cover - Theodore Wendel: True Notes of American Impressionism
Theodore Wendel: True Notes of American Impressionism
Laurene Buckley
(Ph.D. '96, Art History)
Book Cover - In the Long Run: A Cultural History of Broadway's Hit Plays
In the Long Run: A Cultural History of Broadway's Hit Plays
Jordan Schildcrout
(Ph.D. '05, Theatre)
Come to Our Events
Book cover of Metropolitan Stories
Metropolitan Stories
Christine Coulson, who worked at the Metropolitan Museum for 25 years, speaks about her novel with Professor Jennifer Ball.
Presented with the Ph.D. Program in Art History.
Johnetta Cole
Johnnetta Betsch Cole moderates an urgent panel discussion delving into causes and solutions.
Presented as part of "The Promise and Perils of Democracy" series.

Graduate students can apply now for the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program that provides stipends for students beginning their graduate career.

The five-year fellowship provides three years of support. NSF provides a stipend of $34,000 to the fellow.

Deadlines range from October 21 to October 25. Get more details.

Alumni Awards Nominations Now Open

We will celebrate the tremendous contributions that our alumni have made to their field and society at large with our 2020 GC Alumni Awards. Nominate your candidates for the Alumni Achievement Award, Graduate of the Last Decade (GOLD) Award, and the CUNY Award. Learn more and get your nominations in.

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