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The Center for Urban Research (CUR) mobilizes researchers at the Graduate Center to undertake basic research addressing the issues facing New York and other large cities. We also undertake applied research for public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and other clients, train students in research techniques, and organize forums on urban policy issues.

A common thread in our activities is to understand the broad forces shaping patterns of inequality, inter-group relations, and neighborhood life in large urban areas and how these trends influence and are influenced by political participation, civic engagement, and the role of government.

This work has yielded award-winning books and studies on topics ranging from the life trajectories of young people from immigrant and native minority backgrounds to the determinants of political participation in New York and other large cities to the changing nature of the urban labor force to mapping metropolitan demographic change at a national scale.

CUR has three operating units: the CUNY Data Service, the CUNY Mapping Service, and the New York City Labor Market Information Service. Our website provides access to dynamic maps, data sets, and research findings about New York City and other metropolitan centers.