Advanced Research Collaborative


Advanced Research Collaborative  

Grace Davie
"The interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas that ARC provides is absolutely unique within the Graduate Center, and within the CUNY system."
-- Grace Davie, Associate Professor of History, Queens College
Mojúbàolú Olúfúnké Okome
"As a member of the CUNY faculty from Brooklyn College, the opportunity gave me an invaluable experience." -- Mojúbàolú Olúfúnké Okome, Professor of Political Science, Brooklyn College
Lakshmi Bandlamudi
"The release time, office space and, more importantly, being amidst fellow scholars, was invaluable. This is particularly a significant support for Community College faculty." -- Lakshmi Bandlamudi, Professor of Psychology, LaGuardia Community College
Patrick Simon
"ARC is crucial for maintaining alive the ideal of intellectual and scientific communities exchanging ideas and knowledge in a productive and welcoming environment." -- Patrick Simon, Director of Research, Institut National D'Etudes Demographiques, Paris


The Advanced Research Collaborative (ARC) of The Graduate Center invites tenured and tenure-track scholars both within and outside of CUNY to apply for our Distinguished Faculty Awards.

Broadly defined, the research areas are:

  • Race, Migration, & Diversity
  • Multilingualism & Translation
  • Inequality
  • Global Cities
We are particularly interested in projects that can speak to both humanistic and social scientific concern. 

Distinguished Awards fall into two categories:
  • Distinguished Visiting Scholars: for scholars who are not employed by the City University of New York. A Distinguished Visiting Scholar will receive an office, computer, and access to The Graduate Center’s academic infrastructure. Scholars can stay for one or two semesters, or for a shorter period. Depending on the duration of stay, travel costs to and from the fellowship can be reimbursed for the most economical fare only (up to maximum of $3,000) following the submission of the required documentation.
  • Distinguished CUNY Fellows: for tenured and tenure-track faculty at one of the campuses of the City University of New York. A Distinguished CUNY Fellow will receive course buyouts up to a maximum of 3 course releases for one semester.