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Don Robotham—Director, Advanced Research Collaborative

Donald RobothamDon Robotham was appointed the inaugural Director of the Advanced Research Collaborative in 2012. As director, he has led the Advanced Research Collaborative in enhancing the interdisciplinary research culture at the Graduate Center and in raising the prominence of the Graduate Center as a globally recognized institution for research.
Professor Robotham joined the Graduate Center in 1999 as Professor of Anthropology, and has served as Executive Officer, Office of Educational Opportunity and Diversity Programs. Prior to joining the Graduate Center, he was Pro Vice Chancellor and Dean of the School for Graduate Studies and Research at the University of the West Indies and Deputy Regional Authorizing Officer, Caribbean Universities Level Program—a 21 million euro program to develop graduate education in English, Spanish and French across the Caribbean. In 1996, he gave the annual Distinguished Lecture of the American Ethnological Society. In 1987-1988, he was Commonwealth Fellow at the African Studies Centre, University of Cambridge and Visiting Fellow, Clare Hall, University of Cambridge.
He sits on the editorial board of the Critique of Anthropology and is the author of important critiques of the theory of cultural pluralism and of localization alternatives to globalization and neoliberalism. He has also published extensively on anthropological theory, economic anthropology, and political economy, as well as on issues of development in the Caribbean and West Africa. His work has appeared in the American Ethnologist, Identities, Transforming Anthropology and several book collections.
Professor Robotham received his undergraduate degree at the University of the West Indies in Sociology and his Ph.D. in Anthropology at the University of Chicago. His fieldwork has been in the gold mines of Ghana and in various countries in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Photo credit: A. Poyo