Faculty Book: Stacey Plichta and Elizabeth Kelvin

Stacey Plichta and Elizabeth Kelvin

Munro’s Statistical Methods for Health Care Research, 6th ed.
(Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2012)

This text provides students with a solid foundation for understanding data analysis and specific statistical techniques. Focusing on the most current and frequently used statistical methods in today’s health care literature, the book covers essential material for a variety of program levels, including in-depth courses beyond basic statistics. Well-organized, clear text discussions and great learning tools help students overcome the complexities and fully comprehend the concepts of this often intimidating area of study. Stacey Plichta (Prof., Hunter) and Elizabeth Kelvin (Asst. Prof., Hunter) are on the doctoral faculty in public health.

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Submitted on: APR 17, 2012

Category: Faculty Books