Faculty Book: David Syrett

David Syrett

The Eyes of the Desert Rats: British Long-Range Reconnaissance Operations in the North African Desert 1940–43
(Helion & Company, 2012)

This is a detailed study of the operations and impact of the British Army’s Long-Range Reconnaissance patrols in the North African Desert in 1940–42 by what was perhaps the most effective of all the so-called “special forces” established by the Allies during the Second World War, the Long-Range Desert Group, and subsequently its collaboration with the Special Air Service. Based on primary sources, the work provides fresh insights into the nature of desert warfare—past, present, and future—and is a virtual primer on how to operate, survive, and achieve victory in the most inhospitable circumstances of terrain and weather. David Syrett taught for thirty-eight years at Queens College and was a member of the doctoral faculty in history at the Graduate Center until his death in October 2004. The book was published posthumously.

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Submitted on: SEP 12, 2012

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