Faculty Book: Steven Tuber

Steven Tuber and Jane Caflisch

Starting Treatment With Children and Adolescents: A Process-Oriented Guide for Therapists
(Routledge, 2011)

The book offers therapists a time-tested framework for treatment and a moment-by-moment guide to the first few sessions with a new patient. In twelve remarkable case studies, verbatim transcripts of individual play-therapy sessions are brought to life through running commentary on techniques and theory and a fine-grained analysis of what worked, what didn’t, and what else the clinician could have done to make the session as productive as possible. Clinicians will come away from the book with a window into how other therapists work as well as new tools for engaging children and adolescents in process-oriented treatment. Steven Tuber (Prof., City) is on the doctoral faculty in psychology.

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Submitted on: OCT 10, 2012

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