Faculty Book: Barbara Weinstein

Barbara Weinstein

Geriatric Audiology, 2nd ed.
(Thieme, 2012)

Completely revised and updated, this second edition is a unique handbook that provides audiologists, speech language pathologists, and doctoral students in audiology with evidence-based, clinical guidance on evaluating and treating hearing loss in older adults, with an emphasis on patient-centered hearing health care. It contains the latest information on the demographics of aging as well as the biological, sociological, and psychological factors that affect geriatric hearing loss and its ramifications. A new chapter aims to help audiologists and speech language pathologists teach health care professionals about hearing loss diagnosis and management. Updated chapters focus on hearing loss, pure tone and speech findings, hearing aids, and audiologist rehabilitation and counseling for geriatric patients. Barbara Weinstein serves on the doctoral faculty in audiology and speech–language–hearing sciences.

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Submitted on: DEC 11, 2012

Category: Audiology (Au.D) | Faculty Books | Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences