Faculty Book: Michael Fabricant and Michelle Fine

Michael Fabricant and Michelle Fine

The Changing Politics of Education: Privatization and the Dispossessed Lives Left Behind
(Paradigm Press, 2013)
The authors argue that the present cascade of reforms to public education is a consequence of a larger intention to shrink government. The result is that more of public education’s assets and resources are moving to the private sector and to the prison-industrial complex. Drawing on various forms of evidence—structural, economic, narrative, and youth-generated participatory research—the authors reveal new structures and circuits of dispossession and privilege that amount to a clear failure of present policy. In the final chapter the authors explore democratic principles and offer examples essential to mobilizing, in solidarity with educators, youth, communities, labor, and allied social movements, the kind of power necessary to contest the present direction of public education reform. Michael Fabricant (Prof., Hunter) serves on the doctoral faculty in social welfare, and Michelle Fine (Dist. Prof., GC) is on the doctoral faculty in psychology and urban education.

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Submitted on: AUG 27, 2013

Category: Faculty Books | Psychology | Social Welfare | Urban Education