Faculty Book: Lily Hoffman

Robert Dingwall, Lily M. Hoffman, and Karen Staniland, eds.

Pandemics and Emerging Infectious Diseases: The Sociological Agenda
(Wiley-Blackwell, 2013)

The resurgence of infectious disease as a threat to public health in our globalized world presents social as well as biomedical challenges. Bringing together perspectives from North America, Europe and Asia, this volume explores the sociological issues raised by inevitable, unpredictable pandemics. How, for example, do we detect and identify new or resurgent diseases? How should public health authorities manage their responses? How does media coverage of pandemics affect public perceptions, and how can we generate awareness without panic? The contributors to this volume analyze case studies including “avian flu,” H1N1 “swine flu,” and the West Nile virus, spread by a mosquito whose habitat is expanding in a warming world. Contributors also tackle overarching issues of methodology and international governance. Lily M. Hoffman (Assoc. Prof., City) serves on the doctoral faculty in sociology.

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Submitted on: OCT 18, 2013

Category: Faculty Books | Sociology