Faculty Book: Thomas Weiss

Thomas G. Weiss and Rorden Wilkinson, eds.

International Organization and Global Governance
(Routledge, 2013)

This comprehensive volume is a self-contained resource on the role of myriad actors in the governance of global life. It offers in-depth and accessible coverage of the history and theories of international organization and global governance; discussions of the full range of state, intergovernmental, and nonstate actors; and examinations of key issues in all aspects of contemporary global governance. Written by a diverse array of authors, the book’s fifty chapters are woven together by a comprehensive introduction to the field, separate section introductions designed to guide students and faculty, and helpful pointers to further reading. Thomas G. Weiss is presidential professor of political science at the Graduate Center. 

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Submitted on: DEC 4, 2013

Category: Faculty Books | Political Science