Faculty Book: Thomas Weiss

Thomas G. Weiss, David P. Forsythe, Roger A. Coate, and Kelly-Kate Pease

The United Nations and Changing World Politics, 7th ed.
(Westview Press, 2013)
This completely revised and updated edition is built around three critical themes in international relations—peace and security, human rights, and humanitarian affairs. Students of all levels will learn what the UN is, how it operates, and what its relationships are with the universe of external actors and institutions, from sovereign states to the plethora of nongovernmental and intergovernmental organizations now playing important roles in world politics. This new edition is fully revised to take into account recent events, including the UN’s actions in Libya and Syria, the tenure of Ban Ki-moon, the global economic and financial meltdown, and efforts to confront nuclear proliferation and climate change. Thomas G. Weiss is presidential professor of political science at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: NOV 20, 2013

Category: Faculty Books | Political Science