Faculty Book: Bryan S. Turner

Helena Onnudottir, Adam Possamai, and Bryan S. Turner

Religious Change and Indigenous People
(Ashgate, 2013)
This book explores religious and spiritual changes that have been taking place among Indigenous populations in Australia, New Zealand, and some Pacific Islands over the last fifteen years. Drawing on local social and political debates, while contextualizing the discussion in a wider global discourse on changing religious affiliation, especially the growth of Islam, the authors present a critical analysis of the persistent images and discourses on Aboriginal religions and spirituality. This book takes a comparative approach to other Indigenous and minority groups to explore contemporary changes in religious affiliation that have raised questions about resistance to modernity, challenges to the nation state, and/or rejection of Christianity or Islam. It also offers a major contribution to the growing debate on conversion to Islam among Indigenous peoples. Bryan S. Turner is presidential professor of sociology at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: DEC 20, 2013

Category: Faculty Books | Sociology