Faculty Book: Meena Alexander

Meena Alexander

Birthplace with Buried Stones
(Triquarterly, 2013)
With their intense lyricism, Meena Alexander’s poems convey the fragmented experience of the traveler for whom home is both nowhere and everywhere. These poems range widely over time and place, from Alexander’s native India to New York City. Poems of love and poems of war convey the rippling effects of violence and dislocation, of love and its aftermath. We see traces of mythology, ritual, and other languages. Attuned to life in a globalized world, Alexander’s poetry is an apt guide, bringing us face to face with the power of a single moment and its capacity to evoke the unseen and unheard. Meena Alexander (Dist. Prof., Hunter) serves on the doctoral faculty in English.

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Submitted on: JAN 28, 2014

Category: English | Faculty Books