Faculty Book: Nicholas Freudenberg

Nicholas Freudenberg

Lethal But Legal: Corporations, Consumption, and Protecting Public Health
(Oxford University Press, 2014)
Decisions made by the food, tobacco, alcohol, pharmaceutical, gun, and automobile industries have a greater impact on today’s health than the decisions of scientists and policymakers. As the collective influence of corporations has grown, governments around the world have privatized key services, weakened regulations, and cut funding for consumer and environmental protection. This book connects the dots between unhealthy products, business-dominated politics, and the growing burdens of disease and health care costs. The author examines how corporations have affected—and plagued—public health over the last century and outlines reforms that aim to strike a healthier balance between large companies’ right to make a profit and governments’ responsibility to protect their populations. Nicholas Freudenberg (Dist. Prof., Hunter) serves on the doctoral faculty in psychology and public health.

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Submitted on: FEB 5, 2014

Category: Faculty Books | Psychology