Faculty Book: Deborah Vietze

James M. Jones, John F. Dovidio, and Deborah L. Vietze

The Psychology of Diversity: Beyond Prejudice and Racism
(Wiley-Blackwell, 2013)
This social-psychological study of diversity looks at its challenges and benefits and emphasizes why and how an understanding of the subject can offer insights and opportunities and help prepare people for a global society. The text considers how historical, political, economic, and societal factors shape the way people think about and respond to diversity and uses a multilevel approach to examine everything from the neuroscience of prejudice to the politics of diversity. While the book devotes considerable attention to the problems of prejudice and discrimination and illuminates how well-intentioned efforts to control bias can backfire, chapters also describe proven techniques for improving intergroup relations. Deborah L. Vietze (Prof., City/GC) serves on the doctoral faculty in psychology and urban education.

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Submitted on: FEB 10, 2014

Category: Faculty Books | Psychology | Urban Education