Faculty Book: Nancy Foner

Nancy Foner, Jan Rath, Jan Willem Duyvendak, and Rogier van Reekum, eds.

New York and Amsterdam: Immigration and the New Urban Landscape
(New York University Press, 2014)
This volume brings together a distinguished and interdisciplinary group of American and Dutch scholars to examine and compare the impact of immigration on two of the world’s largest urban centers. The original essays discuss how immigration has affected social, political, and economic structures, cultural patterns, and intergroup relations in the two cities, investigating how their particular, and changing, urban contexts have shaped immigrant and second generation experiences. Despite many parallels between New York City and Amsterdam, the differences stand out; juxtaposing essays on immigration in the two cities helps to illuminate the essential issues that today’s immigrants and their children confront. Distinguished professor Nancy Foner (Hunter) serves on the doctoral faculty in sociology. The book also includes chapters by Philip Kasinitz (Pres. Prof., Sociology) and John Mollenkopf (Dist. Prof., Political Science, Sociology).

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Submitted on: MAR 7, 2014

Category: Faculty Books | Sociology