Faculty Book: Ruth Milkman

Ruth Milkman and Ed Ott, eds.

New Labor in New York: Precarious Workers and the Future of the Labor Movement
(Cornell University Press, 2014)
While New York is the nation’s most highly unionized large city, its unions, especially in the private sector, are in steady decline, and the city today is home to a large and growing “precariat”: workers with little or no employment security. In thirteen fine-grained case studies, this book documents the efforts of community-based worker centers to organize this expanding segment of the workforce. These campaigns involve taxi drivers, street vendors, domestic workers, and middle-strata freelancers, all of whom are excluded from basic employment laws, as well as supermarket, retail, and restaurant workers. The book offers a richly detailed portrait of the city’s new labor movement and recent efforts to expand it on a national scale. Ruth Milkman is a professor of sociology at the Graduate Center; contributors include doctoral students and alumni from GC programs in sociology, anthropology, earth and environmental sciences, history, political science, and public health.

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Submitted on: MAR 18, 2014

Category: Faculty Books | Sociology