Faculty Book: Kenneth Tobin

Kenneth Tobin and Ashraf Shady, eds.

Transforming Urban Education: Urban Teachers and Students Working Collaboratively
(Sense Publishers, 2014)
This book addresses novel constructs and approaches that are demonstrated in empirical studies in a wide range of schools, colleges, and even museums, in the contexts of science, mathematics, technology, literacy, and writing comic books. The teachers and students involved considered research in their own classrooms to be essential, rather than a disruption to teaching and learning. Contributors investigate an array of theories and methodologies concerning research on teaching and learning as well as learning to teach in urban schools. Methodologies like those featured in this book offer the potential for teachers to collaborate with students to improve the quality of learning, teaching, curricula, and schools. Kenneth Tobin is presidential professor of urban education at the Graduate Center. Coeditor Ashraf Shady is one of several GC alumni who contributed to the volume.

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Submitted on: MAR 24, 2014

Category: Faculty Books | Urban Education