Faculty Book: Linda Weiser Friedman

Hershey H. Friedman and Linda Weiser Friedman

God Laughed: Sources of Jewish Humor
(Transaction, 2014)
God LaughedHumor has had a profound effect on the way the Jewish people see the world, and has sustained them through millennia of hardships and suffering. God Laughed reviews, organizes, and categorizes the humor of the ancient Jewish texts—the Hebrew Bible, the Talmud, and the Midrash. The authors explore biblical humor in several broad categories, including irony, sarcasm, wordplay, humorous names, humorous imagery, and humorous situations, and present contemporary examples of its influence. Because the primary aim is not to entertain but to teach humanity how to live the ideal life, much of the humor in the Talmud and the Midrash has a single purpose: to demonstrate that evil is wrong and even, at times, ludicrous. Linda Weiser Friedman (Prof., Baruch) serves on the doctoral faculty in business and computer science.

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Submitted on: JUN 13, 2014

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