Faculty Book: Bryan S. Turner

Bryan S. Turner

Rights and Virtues Political Essays on Citizenship and Social Justice
Rights and Virtues,
(Bardwell Press, 2011)

turner.jpgOver the last three decades Turner’s essays and other contributions have led to a fundamental reconsideration of the debate about individual and social rights in social theory. Here he explores the virtues and duties that could be associated with human rights through a discussion of cosmopolitanism. In particular, he addresses the debate about modern citizenship inspired by T. H. Marshall; the globalization of human rights; national sovereignty; the relationship between religion and conceptions of rights; participation and exclusion; and the concept of social virtue. Turner’s work compares in its breadth and scope with that of his classical forebears, Weber and Durkheim, and offers a contemporary pertinence to questions of citizenship and human rights in a globalized and post–Cold War world. Bryan S. Turner is presidential professor of sociology at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: JAN 1, 2011

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