Faculty Book: Geoffrey Batchen

Geoffrey Batchen

Van Gogh’s Schuhe: Ein Streitgespräch
(Seemann Henschel, 2009)

In German. A small, seemingly simple painting, Shoes by Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh, is often understood to be a study rather than a finished work, and has become one of the most significant works in art history. Painted in Paris in late 1886, the work has been the subject of debate by art historians and philosophers, including Martin Heidegger, Meyer Schapiro, and Jacques Derrida, making it the center of a series of ongoing arguments about the function of art, the role of interpretation, and the nature of being. This book surveys the debate initiated by the painting, introducing readers to the work of each of the main protagonists while also placing the painting itself into an appropriate social and art history. Geoffrey Batchen is a professor of art history at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: AUG 17, 2009

Category: Art History | Faculty Books