Faculty Book: Sujatha Fernandes

Sujatha Fernandes

Who Can Stop the Drums? Urban Social Movements in Chávez's Venezuela
(Duke University Press, 2010)

In this ethnographic study of social movements in the barrios, or poor shantytowns, of Caracas, Venezuela, Fernandes looks at political life since the election of President Hugo Chávez. She traces the history of the barrios to the present day and interweaves residents' life stories with her description of movements for social and economic justice, demonstrating that the transformations to the country are shaped not only by the Chávez government but also by social movements, which have their own forms of local organization, historical memory, and consciousness. Sujatha Fernandes (Asst. Prof., Queens) serves on the doctoral faculty in sociology.

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Submitted on: MAR 12, 2010

Category: Faculty Books | Sociology