Faculty Book: Steven M. Cahn

Steven M. Cahn, ed.

Philosophy of Education: The Essential Texts
(Routledge, 2009)

Philosophy of education is a study both of the aims of education and the most appropriate means of achieving them. This volume contains substantial selections from those works widely regarded as central to the development of the field. The text is historically organized, moving from classical thought (Plato, Aristotle), through the medieval period (Augustine), to modern perspectives (Locke, Rousseau, Wollstonecraft), and twentieth-century thinkers (Whitehead, Dewey). Each selection is followed by an extended interpretative essay in which a noted contemporary authority highlights essential points from the readings and places them in a wider context. Exhibiting breadth and depth, Philosophy of Education: The Essential Texts is an ideal reader for courses in philosophy of education, foundations of education, and the history of ideas. Steven M. Cahn is a professor of philosophy at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: JAN 18, 2009

Category: Faculty Books | Philosophy