Faculty Book: Ofelia García, ed.

Ofelia García and Joshua A. Fishman, eds.

Handbook of Language and Ethnic Identity, vol. 1, 2nd ed.
(Oxford University Press, 2010)

This book argues that language, ethnicity, and identity are defined by the contexts of their creation and modified by their circumstances. The essays in the first part of Volume 1, Disciplinary and Regional Perspectives, view language and ethnic identity through the lenses of sociolinguistics, psychology, anthropology, politics, and economics, addressing topics such as diasporic languages, language and ethnic identity near state borders, and the education of indigenous peoples, language minorities, and the Deaf. The second part of the handbook takes a regional perspective, embarking on a journey around the globe and using both historical and up-to-date accounts to examine the relationship between constructions of language and ethnic identity and constructions of nation-states. Written for the nonspecialized reader, the contributions by well-known scholars offer questions for further reflection and inquiry. Ofelia García is professor of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian literatures and languages and urban education at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: MAY 19, 2010

Category: Faculty Books | Urban Education