Faculty Book: Charles Green, ed.

Charles Green and Roberta Coles, eds.

The Myth of the Missing Black Father
(Columbia University Press, 2010)

This volume captures the meaning and practice of black fatherhood in its many manifestations, exploring two-parent families, cohabitation, single custodial fathering, stepfathering, noncustodial visitation, and parenting by extended family members and friends. Contributors examine ways that black men perceive and decipher their parenting responsibilities, paying careful attention to psychosocial, economic, and political factors that affect the ability to parent. This collection also includes interviews with daughters of absent fathers and concludes with the effects of certain policy decisions on responsible parenting. Charles Green (Prof., Hunter) is on the doctoral faculty in sociology.

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Submitted on: DEC 2, 2010

Category: Faculty Books | Sociology