Faculty Book: Thomas Kessner

Thomas Kessner

The Flight of the Century
(Oxford University Press, 2010)

In May 1927 an inexperienced and unassuming 25-year-old Air Mail pilot from rural Minnesota stunned the world by making the first nonstop transatlantic flight. A spectacular feat of individual daring and collective technological accomplishment, Charles Lindbergh’s flight from New York to Paris ushered in America’s age of commercial aviation. In this book, Kessner takes a fresh look at one of America’s greatest moments, showing how new forms of mass media made Lindbergh into the most famous international celebrity of his time. But he also reveals that Lindbergh was closely allied with, and managed by, a group of powerful businessmen who sought to exploit aviation for mass transport and massive profits. This book is the first to fully explore Lindbergh’s central role in promoting the airline industry—the rise of which has influenced everything from where we live to how we wage war and do business. Thomas Kessner is a distinguished professor of history and urban education at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: JUL 21, 2010

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