Faculty Book: Kishore Marathe

Kishore Marathe

Topics in Physical Mathematics
(Springer, 2010)

The roots of “physical mathematics” can be traced back to the very beginning of man's attempts to understand nature. By the twentieth century, the physical sciences and mathematics had progressed by leaps and bounds—but in separate directions. Theoretical physics, however, presented an opportunity for union: relativity and quantum theories influenced new developments in geometry, functional analysis, and group theory, and the relation of Yang-Mills theory to the theory of connections in a fiber bundle, discovered in the early 1980s, has paid rich dividends for the study of low-dimensional manifolds. Aimed at a wide audience, this book includes a detailed background of both mathematics and theoretical physics to enable a deeper understanding of the role that physical theories play in mathematics. Kishore Marathe (Prof., Brooklyn) is on the doctoral faculty in physics.

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Submitted on: AUG 18, 2010

Category: Faculty Books | Physics