Faculty Book: Candace McCoy, ed.

Candace McCoy, ed.

Holding Police Accountable
(Urban Institute Press, 2010)

When police officers impose their authority or use force, who holds them accountable and how? Nine leading scholars of police work examine seminal studies on the use of force, covering issues such as the difficulty of determining appropriate force; TASER effectiveness; the importance of specific types of training; the weight of insurance industry lawsuits and investigations; the impact of fatigue on officers; and the effect of teaching officers data analysis skills. The book honors the late James J. Fyfe, who found in 1978 that administrative controls such as training, guidelines, and regulation reduced deadly shootings by officers without adversely affecting police safety or crime rates. The contributors to this volume argue that police accountability research needs to be revived. Candace McCoy (Prof., John Jay/GC) is on the doctoral faculty in criminal justice.

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Submitted on: JUL 30, 2010

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