Faculty Book: Meena Alexander

Meena Alexander

Quickly Changing River: poems
(Triquarterly, 2008)

In her poetry Meena Alexander uses bright colors, sounds, smells, and feelings to evoke a strong sensual experience; and she juxtaposes vivid imagery from the natural world—birds, lilies, horses—with images from the world of humans—oppression, slavery, and violence. The songs of a bird can become the voice of a girl in a cafĂ© and the red juice of mulberries can be as shocking as blood. When she focuses her attention on the cloth of a girl's sari, the material of a woman's life, or the blood in her veins, she speaks to the particular experience of women in the world. The women are vividly present—although they are sometimes hidden or veiled. It is difficult not to come away from Quickly Changing River without a new sense of the power and frailty of being alive. Meena Alexander is a distinguished professor of English at Hunter College and the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: JAN 9, 2008

Category: English | Faculty Books