Faculty Book: Todd R. Clear

Todd R. Clear, George F. Cole, Michael D. Reisig

American Corrections, 8th ed.
(Wadsworth, 2008)

Todd R. Clear, a leading expert in the study of U.S. corrections, George F. Cole, considered by many as a "founding father" of modern criminal justice study, and coauthor Michael D. Reisig combine their talents in the new eighth edition of American Corrections. Taking a sociological and historic approach to corrections, the text treats institutional and community sanctions evenhandedly, looking at the system from the perspectives of the corrections worker as well as the offender. It also presents the concept of corrections as a "system" of interconnected organizations and carries this theme throughout the book. High-profile corrections cases taken from recent headlines and integrated coverage of career options in the field demonstrate the real-world relevance of the theories, concepts, and policies presented in the text for students. Finally, many instructors consistently choose Clear/Cole/Reisig because it provides comprehensive coverage without overwhelming students. Todd R. Clear is a distinguished professor of criminal justice at John Jay College and the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: JAN 3, 2008

Category: Criminal Justice | Faculty Books