Faculty Book: Dagmar Herzog

Dagmar Herzog

Sex in Crisis
(Basic Books, 2008)

Only three decades after the legalization of abortion, the broad gains of the feminist movement, and the emergence of the gay rights movement, America has gone frigid. They are not anti-sex, but they’re increasingly anxious about it—largely due to the tactics of the Religious Right. How has the Religious Right achieved this ascendancy? Surprisingly, argues Dagmar Herzog, evangelicals have appropriated the lessons of the first sexual revolution far more effectively than liberals. With the support of a billion-dollar Christian sex industry, evangelicals have crafted an astonishingly graphic and effective pitch for the pleasures of “hot monogamy”—for married, heterosexual couples only, of course. This potent message has enabled them to win elections and seduce souls, with disastrous political consequences. Sex in Crisis wittily and fiercely forces America to confront its national sexual dysfunction and demand a more sophisticated national conversation about the facts of life. Dagmar Herzog is Daniel Rose Faculty Scholar and professor of history at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: JUL 1, 2008

Category: Faculty Books | History