Faculty Book: William Kornblum

William Kornblum

Sociology in a Changing World, 8th edition
(Wadsworth Publishing, 2007)

Challenging, comprehensive, and student friendly, the eighth edition of Sociology in a Changing World takes a thematic approach that emphasizes the reality of social change and its impact on individuals, groups, and societies throughout the world. This unique emphasis on social change helps students understand our similarities, our differences, and society as a whole and will help them think like sociologists long after their college experience. The text carefully balances contemporary and classic theory and research, with special attention to the works of female and minority social scientists and cross-cultural studies. Kornblum applies all the major perspectives of sociology without giving undue emphasis to any single approach. The book is the chosen text for “Exploring Society: Introduction to Sociology,” a Telecourse from Dallas TeleLearning. William Kornblum is a professor of psychology and sociology at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: MAR 12, 2007

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