Faculty Book: Gail Levin

Gail Levin

Edward Hopper: An Intimate Biography, expanded 2nd edition
(Rizzoli Books, 2007)

Essential reading for anyone interested in the world-famous realist artist, this biography, now in a second, expanded edition, doubles the number of illustrations, and includes a section of paintings in color as well as a section on Hopper's international influence on culture, especially on contemporary art, poetry, and cinema. The original biography (Knopf, 1995) has long been considered the seminal review of Edward Hopper's life and work. The biography's focus is the laconic, introverted painter's stormy forty-three-year marriage to outspoken and gregarious Josephine ("Jo") Nivison, herself an artist, and draws extensively on Jo Hopper's intimate diaries, which she kept from the early 1930s until shortly before her death in 1968 (just ten months after her husband died). Gail Levin is a professor of art history at Baruch College and The Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: APR 24, 2007

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