Faculty Book: Gail Levin

Gail Levin

Lee Krasner: A Biography
(William Morrow, 2011)

This first full-length account of Lee Krasner’s colorful life challenges previous portrayals of the painter and wife of Jackson Pollock, showing that she was an independent and resourceful woman of uncompromising talent and prodigious energy. She emerges as a significant artist who deserves her place in the twentieth century's cultural lexicon and artistic pantheon. Levin also probes Krasner's relationship with Pollock, examining how this strong woman struggled to meet the challenges of their poverty, as well as her husband's alcoholism and extramarital affairs, all the while encouraging his art. Drawing on new sources and numerous personal interviews—including with Krasner, whom Levin interviewed during the last years of the artist's life—the author uncovers never-before-told stories of how Krasner skillfully marketed Pollock's work and how this eventually raised prices for all the abstract expressionists. The book was listed as an editors’ choice in the New York Times on July 17. Gail Levin (Dist. Prof., Baruch) is on the doctoral faculty in art history, American studies, and women’s studies.

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Submitted on: MAR 22, 2011

Category: American Studies | Art History | Faculty Books | Women's Studies