Faculty Book: Arlene Spark

Arlene Spark

Nutrition in Public Health: Principles, Policies, and Practice
(CRC Press, 2007)

Nutrition in Public Health: Principles, Policies, and Practice
provides an overview of the field of nutrition and focuses on the role of the federal government in determining nutrition policy and practice. The author reviews the definition and principles of public health, then examines such topics as health trends in the U.S., disparities in diet-related chronic diseases, obesity throughout the world and its costs, pediatric obesity, the relevance of socioeconomic status and ethnicity to obesity, breastfeeding mothers, HIV/AIDS, and the health of prison inmates. The book offers a look at the current nutritional guidelines in the U.S. before providing a set of tools for the responsible practice of public health nutrition such as conducting nutrition assessments, designing and carrying out social marketing campaigns, writing grant proposals, and enacting programs to promote food safety. Arlene Spark is an associate professor of public health at Hunter College and the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: MAY 11, 2007

Category: Faculty Books