Faculty Book: Kathleen D. McCarthy

Kathleen D. McCarthy

Women, Philanthropy,Civil Society
(Indiana University Press, 2001; 314 pp.)

book cover imageFemale benificence—as Islamic activism in Egypt, as religious charities in nineteenth-century Ireland, as secular and non-secular philanthropy in places as diverse as Norway, Brazil, Korea, Israel, and India—has shaped non-governmental political organizations (NGOs), civil society, and women's political culture worldwide. Women, Philanthropy, & Civil Society grew out of a research project by the Center for the Study of Philanthropy at The Graduate Center, of which McCarthy is the director. The study's aims were to "elucidate the role of women in building civil society through their gifts of money and time in a variety of countries," with research focusing on religion, on the "maternalist" form of female philanthropy, and on the role of women-started NGOs in weak, decentralized states. Kathleen D. McCarthy is professor of history at The Graduate Center.
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Submitted on: SEP 1, 2001

Category: Faculty Books | History