Faculty Book: E. Gordon Whatley

Frederick M. Biggs, Thomas D. Hill, Paul E. Szarmach, and E. Gordon Whatley, editors.

Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture, volume one
(Western Michigan University, 2001; 600 pp.)

book cover imageThis is the first volume of an encyclopedic collection of source material on Anglo-Saxon literature, including scholarship regarding how it was disseminated, read, adapted and utilized in the years between ca. 600 and ca. 1100. Its 600 pages cover only three alphabetical entries—Abbo of Fleury, Abbo of Saint-Germain-des-PrĂ©s, and Acta Sanctorum—but with a comprehensiveness that supercedes predecessor volumes which concentrated solely on books (such as the pioneering Books Known To English, 597-1066 by J.D.A. Oglivy). As the introduction states: "[W]e are more interested in 'sources,' including oral traditional literature as well as written texts, and in written texts such as charters, medical recipes, and charms, which can only be loosely described as books." Graduate Center professor of English E. Gordon Whatley worked as co-editor and writer for the majority of this volume, over 500 pages covering the Acta Sanctorum, or lives of the saints.

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Submitted on: FEB 1, 2002

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