Faculty Book: Paul L. Wachtel

Paul L. Wachtel

Relational Theory and the Practice of Psychotherapy
(New York: Guilford Press, 2008)

This important book explores a new direction that can enable therapists of any orientation to better understand and help their patients. While psychoanalysis has traditionally been seen as a world apart from cognitive-behavioral therapy and many other psychotherapeutic approaches, recent developments in the field are changing that. Relational theory, in emphasizing how relationships shape personality, diverges in key ways from traditional psychoanalytic assumptions and therapeutic practices. At the same time, it preserves, and even extends, the depth of understanding of human experience and psychological conflict that has always been the strength of psychoanalysis. Through probing theoretical analysis and illuminating examples, the book offers innovative and powerful ways to revitalize clinical practice. Paul L. Wachtel, is a distinguished professor of Psychology (Clinical) at City College and the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: JAN 1, 2008

Category: Faculty Books | Psychology