Faculty Book: Jock Young

Jock Young, with co-authors Jeff Ferrell and Keith Hayward

Cultural Criminology
(Sage Books, 2008)

Lively, innovative, engaging, and accessible, Cultural Criminology draws together the work of three of the leading international figures in the field today. The book traces the history, current configuration, methodological innovations and future trajectories of cultural criminology, mapping its terrain for students and academics interested in this exciting field. The book highlights and analyzes issues of representation, meaning, and politics in relation to crime and criminal justice, covering areas such as: crime and the media; everyday life and everyday transgression; popular culture; consumerism; globalization; and social control. The use of vignettes, case studies, and visual material throughout the text brings the subject to life. The volume is indispensable to students, lecturers, and researchers in criminology, sociology, cultural studies, and media studies. Jock Young is a distinguished professor of sociology and criminal justice at John Jay College and the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: OCT 8, 2008

Category: Criminal Justice | Faculty Books | Sociology